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Quote of the day 3/29/16

“The greatest leader is not one who does the greatest things.He is the one who gets the people to do the greatest things.”

-Ronald Reagan

LOL Pic of the day 3/29/16

I wish I was on that signs level….

This is me!

Hey y’all! I know I already put up my 1st post, but i still would like to tell you a little about me!

My name is Carlee! I am a Texas girl born and raised attending Texas Tech. I consider myself to be pretty fun and light hearted, there is never a time I don’t want to make people laugh, and I like to tell people funny weird stories about whats going on in my life(why you care is up to you, i just think my life can be amusing sometimes). My plan for this blog is to give y’all a little laugh and some fun ideas and hopefully helpful advice from someone who has experienced doing things the hard way first, so YOU don’t have to! I have a boyfriend who you will probably hear lots about, I really want a dog, and I like to adventure! So I hope y’all enjoy the blog… Fingers crossed it’s a hit!

p.s. you should really check out my LOL pics of the day and my quotes of the day! Im sure you will enjoy them!




Popping pimples?

Hey y’all My name is Carlee! Since this is my first post on a blog EVER I decided to make it about how utterly strange not only blogs are but, well the internet…

I am a pinterest fiend who can’t get enough of it, I’m sure you all relate, its an addiction! So anyway I was looking through pinterest clicking on stuff and repining things I lied to myself about actually being able to do, like cooking healthy dinners and adding those tiles to my bathroom by my self, when my boyfriend told me to stop. No not because I had been looking at it for several hours at this point, but because he wanted to show me something on reddit… If you know anything about men on reddit, then you know that whatever he was going to show me was not something I wanted to see, and you would be right! He clicked on a link called “poppingpimples” I kid you not, that is a thing!! GROSS!!! I told him “babe, I’m good,” But he just had to show me….

“Poppingpinples” is exactly what you thought it was, a reddit thread that specifically has videos of people popping zits and cysts. WHYYYY??? Why do people think we want to watch them pop these terrible pussy things? Why do these people want to show us something so personal and unhygienic? I asked my boyfriend why he watched it, and he said it made him feel better about his zits, because these ones were huge, horrifying, and most likely very painful! white-head-pimple

So I guess my main point of this is, if your boyfriend tells you to stop looking at pinterest, don’t stop looking at pinterest its a wonderful place full of pretty houses and delicious food, and no gross videos of pimple popping!

Have a good one y’all

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