Making a difference..


What can you do that has an impact on someone else? Even if it’s just one person, how do you make someone view the world differently?

Maybe we’re all here for a specific reason, we have the greatest opportunity to change something, something we don’t agree with. We all have a voice and it’s worth being heard. We have power, although sometimes our confidence gets pushed away by our insecurities.

You have a voice for a reason, you have opinions for a reason and they should never ever be shamed or looked down on.

So let your light shine, bright, brighter than the sun, because you’re worth it.

International women’s day is everyday because we are stronger than our stereotypes, our weaknesses, our inability to believe that we are nothing more than our “roles” that have been drilled into us from a young age.

We are stronger together than separated, there’s power in numbers and we need to stick together.

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This is about my life and it's my therapy.

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