Making a difference..


What can you do that has an impact on someone else? Even if it’s just one person, how do you make someone view the world differently?

Maybe we’re all here for a specific reason, we have the greatest opportunity to change something, something we don’t agree with. We all have a voice and it’s worth being heard. We have power, although sometimes our confidence gets pushed away by our insecurities.

You have a voice for a reason, you have opinions for a reason and they should never ever be shamed or looked down on.

So let your light shine, bright, brighter than the sun, because you’re worth it.

International women’s day is everyday because we are stronger than our stereotypes, our weaknesses, our inability to believe that we are nothing more than our “roles” that have been drilled into us from a young age.

We are stronger together than separated, there’s power in numbers and we need to stick together.

But is College Really that Important?

But is College Really that Important?

Written by Margaret Lattiere

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    “I’m still paying back my loans!” Sounds better than “we live paycheck to paycheck.”  With my college diploma I am more likely to be hired than someone with only a high school degree. “I have a full time job with children, it’s virtually impossible to go back.”  Lucky for you there are many different options for classes you can take, stop making excuses and check them out. It may be difficult to get back into the swing of things but when you are graduating with the degree you earned with your blood, sweat and tears you’ll realize why it was worth it.  The world is your oyster now and you can now reduce some of the stress that was nailed to your shoulders and enjoy yourself. Even better, now your children are forced to come up with a better reason if they do not feel the need to attend college in the future.

        According to, individuals with only a high school diploma will receive a median salary of approximately $32,500 so why not shoot for that annual salary of $42,000 (associates) or go for the gold of $100,000 with a PhD. Plus  individuals with four years of college on their plates earn one million dollars more in their lifetime than someone with only a high school diploma ( Think about it, you could take that long overdue vacation you’ve earned or even get a cute puppy! Not to mention the job opportunities are almost endless. Create happiness for yourself and enjoy what you do, while you’re enjoying your happiness you can now relax because you have more stability than someone who only has a high school diploma. Also according to unemployment rates are lower than employees without a college education during a recession.  Think about it, it would make more sense to keep the individuals who have background knowledge something than someone who doesn’t. Lastly, what is something you do everyday? You communicate, verbally and nonverbally. The type of schooling you receive has an impact on your ability to communicate effectively. When interviewing with a potential employer it is in your advantage to develop the art of persuasion and come across confident, it is easier when you have a degree backing up your confidence, really shows them you mean business.

        What is unfair is the pressure placed on students about the necessity of a college education. What is worse is that college education is constantly being drilled into our brains by previous college graduates who were lucky enough to attend while the cost was three to four times lower than it is now ( Think about it this way, ten years from now you have a family, you were turned off from a college education because of the high costs and the fear of never ending student loan bills. Now you are supporting two children with your significant other who also did not attend college. With obesity and cancer on the rise you feel pressured into buying all the right foods in an attempt to avoid them both and maintain a happy and healthy family. Except now the stress of food costs are weighing down on you, plus your children need money to participate in activities at school and around town with their friends. They are too young to work so your money is now their money. Not to mention the vacation you and your partner have been longing for but never seems to come…because you live paycheck to paycheck and your bills need to be paid off and your family needs to be taken care of, so by that point all you have left for yourself is a measly ten dollar bill. Which life seems more appealing, the life of living paycheck to paycheck or taking back your life and living it to the fullest? The choice is yours.